A Country Music Tradition

Citizen Twang is the continuation of the Caleb Dean Band. When Caleb decided to retire, the band members wanted to continue on with the great music they have be playing for years. Under the new name of Citizen Twang, Larry Gottlieb on steel guitar, Brian Lemke on lead guitar, Gordon Wilder on drums, JD Martin on piano, Dave Johnson on bass and Ross Kribbs on fiddle, will resume the tradition of country music for all of the country music fans and dancers in western Colorado. Please contact us for booking information.

Larry Gottlieb - Steel Guitar

Larry Gottlieb,  pedal steel guitar that’s his baby and rightly so, when he arrived in Aspen Colorado in 1970 Larry quickly became a local in the circle of Aspen musicians and joined up with the legendary band Liberty and as timing would have it the band was invited to record with John Denver on his new album and in turn also tour with John and the up and coming star Steve Martin.

Larry tells it like this, Aspen was a wonderful time in those days there was music in every little cafe and venue in town, we would take a break from our music gig and go sit in with another great band just next door it was really fun!

Brian "Twang" Lemke - Guitar

Brian “Twang” Lemke, Brian says I was blessed with being country born and raised in a farming community in southern MInnesota, yes there is a North & South! Brian spent childhood years and treasures that time on his Grand dads farm. Saturday nights were filled stock car races, demolition derbies, county fairs and lots of fishin’. At age 13 he got his first guitar a Sears Silvertone man was it ever cool! Brian eats and breathes country music it is his heart- n- soul and with thrity years plus he is a definite guitar hero when it comes to authentic country pickin, he also plays a purdy mean pedal steel guitar too! Brian says his main guitar influences are Brent Mason, Jerry Reed, Roy Nichols, Don Rich and James Burton. Brians plays a Telecaster & ES- 335 mostly these days and LOVES Fender amps!

Gordon Wilder - Drums, vocals

Gordon Wilder, life long musician from Oklahoma. Gordon has toured with The Midland Band out of Nashville, TN. a band he started along with his then band mates.  Gordon adds his grooves and timing to help make great country music for our fans. Gordon has long been the head sound engineer for the World Famous Wheeler Opera House in Aspen Colorado.

JD Martin - Piano, vocals

JD Martin, piano / keyboard and vocals a gifted musician & songwriter with many radio hits to his credit, Don Williams, T Gram Brown, Peter Cetera, Terri Clark just to name a few. JD is a wonderful addition to this band. JD also tours with his very talented wife Jan Garrett performing world wide. please go to

Dave Johnson - Bass, vocals

Dave Johnson, bass player, hails from southern California.  Dave learned to play the trumpet at age 11. After learning the bass guitar in high school, Dave worked in the Los Angeles music scene and traveled extensively, playing with various musical groups.  Dave performed with a variety of world-famous acts, including Dr. John, The Beach Boys, Etta James, Eric Clapton, Don Preston, Albert Lee, Waylon Jennings, John Barlow Jarvis, and Leon Russell. Clive Davis of Columbia Records signed Dave’s group, Sweathog, to a recording contract, and they had a Top 40 hit, “Hallelujah”, in 1972.  Dave co-produced an album with song writer Daniel Moore, on one of the legends of New Orleans piano, James Booker, titled “The Lost Paramount Tapes.”

Ross Kribbs - Fiddle

Ross Kribbs, fiddle player, is musically omnivorous: a day that’s starts with Bach for breakfast might end with a nightcap of bluegrass or hot jazz on the front porch. In any other locale, finding that mix would be a challenge, but the Roaring Fork Valley offers an abundance of talent and opportunity. In the last two decades, Ross has played with most of the valley’s musicians in one setting or another, from theatre pits to barn dances, and in more mountaintop weddings than you can shake an overpriced champagne bottle at. In addition to his work with Citizen Twang, you can find him making music with The Smuggler Mountain Boys bluegrass band, The Roaring Fork Chamber Players, and teaching numerous students throughout the valley.